Fact-checking Activities

Fact-checking Activities Map
This page aims to provide a comprehensive “map” of initiatives and organizations that meet the following criteria:
  • there is a focus on fact-checking, verification, or open source intelligence (OSINT)
  • stories/posts/explainers etc. are digitally accessible to the public
  • the creators are based in one of the 27 member states of the EU (or in the UK, which was still a part of the Union when EDMO was conceived)
For now, this repository features an actual map with names and locations of relevant organizations and a table with extended information. Additional visualizations providing further insights will be added in the coming months and over the project’s lifetime.
All material is interactive (e.g. zoomable, sortable, searchable) and may be shared on social media (please give EDMO credit).
If you like to contribute to the map (e.g. by providing additional data or pointing out missing initiatives), you can get in touch via mapping@edmo.eu
Please note that since a lot of initiatives use terms like “fact-check” or “fact finder” as a part of their name, we have added parent organizations in CAPITAL LETTERS. This makes it easier to distinguish between initiatives. It also allows you to see at a glance if a particular organization runs more than one service (e.g. there is FRANCEINFO Désintox, FRANCEINFO L’oeil du 20 heures, FRANCEINFO Le vrai du faux, FRANCEINFO Vrai ou fake?, and FRANCEINFO L’instant detox).