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This is the EDMO repository of European academic research studying disinformation in digital media at scale. This repository is intended to provide an overview of academic research within the field of disinformation, and it will be continually updated throughout the project.

When using or referring to the repository in your work please cite: Bak, P. P., Sørensen, M. H., Walter, J. & Bechmann, A. (2021). Academic research on disinformation at scale in the EU, Aarhus: EDMO report IV.D.A. The report also contains methodological accounts of selecting keywords, performing the literature search and filtering the results.

The full list of collections included in the search can be found here.

Field of research Author Title Year Publication Affiliation Regional Interest DOI Other ID's Regional Affiliation of Researchers wdt_ID
Social Sciences Turgay Yerklikaya; Ataman,Muhittin Social Media and Fake News in the Post-Truth Era: The Manipulation of Politics in the Election Process 2020 Insight (Türkey), Vol.22 (2), p.177-196 Istanbul University USA; France; Germany; UK; Turkey 10.25253/99.2020222.11 ISSN: 1302-177X; EISSN: 2564-7717; EISSN: 1302-177X; Turkey 1
Communication and Media Studies Humprecht, Edda How Do They Debunk "Fake News"? A Cross-National Comparison of Transparency in Fact Checks 2020 Digital Journalism, Vol.8 (3), p.310-327 Univeristy of Zurich USA; UK; Germany; Austria 10.1080/21670811.2019.1691031 ISSN: 2167-0811; EISSN: 2167-082X; Switzerland 2
Neuroscience and Psychology Borges‐Tiago, Teresa ; Tiago, Flavio ; Silva, Osvaldo ; Guaita Martínez, José Manuel ; Botella‐Carrubi, Dolores Online users' attitudes toward fake news: Implications for brand management 2020 Psychology & Marketing, Vol.37 (9), p.1171-1184 University of the Azores; Valencian International University; Universitat Politècnica de València Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Netherlands; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden 10.1002/mar.21349 ISSN: 0742-6046; EISSN: 1520-6793; Portugal; Spain 3
Social Sciences Humprecht, Edda ; Esser, Frank ; Van Aelst, Peter; Vaccari, Cristian ; Miller, Michael L Resilience to Online Disinformation: A Framework for Cross-National Comparative Research 2020 The International Journal of Press/Politics, Vol.25 (3), p.493-516 University of Zurich; University of Antwerp Austria; Belgium; Canada; Denmark; Finland; Germany; Ireland; Netherlands; Norway; Sweden; Switzerland; UK; Greece; Italy; Portugal; Spain; USA 10.1177/1940161219900126 ISSN: 1940-1612; EISSN: 1940-1620; Switzerland; Belgium 4
Communication and Media Studies Slavtcheva-Petkova, Vera Are Newspapers’ Online Discussion Boards Democratic Tools or Conspiracy Theories’ Engines? A Case Study on an Eastern European “Media War” 2016 Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Vol.93 (4), p.1115-1134 University of Chester Bulgaria 10.1177/1077699015610880 ISSN: 1077-6990; EISSN: 2161-430X; UK 5
Computer Science and Information Studies Karadzhov, Georgi ; Gencheva, Pepa ; Nakov, Preslav ; Koychev, Ivan We Built a Fake News & Click-bait Filter: What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind 2018 Proceedings of Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing, pages 334–​343 Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski"; Qatar Computing Research Institute Bulgaria 10.26615/978-954-452-049-6_045 Bulgaria; Qatar 6
Computer Science and Information Studies Zervopoulos, Alexandros ; Alvanou, Aikaterini Georgia ; Bezas, Konstantinos ; Papamichail, Asterios ; Maragoudakis, Manolis ; Kermanidis, Katia Hong Kong Protests: Using Natural Language Processing for Fake News Detection on Twitter 2020 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, Vol.584, p.408-419 University of the Aegean; Ionian University China 10.1007/978-3-030-49186-4_34 ISSN: 1868-4238; ISBN: 9783030491857; ISBN: 3030491854; EISSN: 1868-422X; EISBN: 3030491862; EISBN: 9783030491864; Greece 7
Social Sciences Ralston, Simone ; Kliestik, Tomas ; Rowland, Zuzana ; Vrbka, Jaromír ARE PERVASIVE SYSTEMS OF FAKE NEWS PROVISION SOWING CONFUSION? THE ROLE OF DIGITAL MEDIA PLATFORMS IN THE PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION OF FACTUALLY DUBIOUS CONTENT 2018 Geopolitics, History, and International Relations, Vol.10(2) The Labor Center for Economic and Public Policy at AAER; The Institute of Technology and Business in Ceske Budejovice; The School of Expertness and Valuation Brazil; Greece; France; Spain; Russia; China; USA; Turkey; UK; Germany; Cyprus; Italy; Hungary; Bulgaria; Slovenia; Spain; Slovakia; Malta; Romania; Croatia; Sweden; Poland; Portugal; Lithuania; Austria; Czech Republic; Latvia; Netherlands; Ireland; Finl 10.22381/GHIR10220183 ISSN: 1948-9145; EISSN: 2374-4383; Sweden; Czech republic 8
Computer Science and Information Studies Norri–Sederholm, Teija ; Norvanto, Elisa ; Talvitie–Lamberg, Karoliina ; Huhtinen, Aki–Mauri Misinformation and Disinformation in Social Media as the Pulse of Finnish National Security 2020 Social Media and the Armed Forces, p.207-225 National Defence University; Finnish Defence Command; Tampere University Finland 0.1007/978-3-030-47511-6_12 ISSN: 1613-5113; ISBN: 3030475107; ISBN: 9783030475109; EISSN: 2363-9466; EISBN: 3030475115; EISBN: 9783030475116; Finland 9
Other A-M Huhtinen ; J Rantapelkonen Disinformation in Hybrid Warfare: The Rhizomatic Speed of Social Media in the Spamosphere 2016 Journal of Information Warfare, Vol.15 (4), p.50-67 Finish National Defence University Finland ISSN: 1445-3312; EISSN: 1445-3347 Finland 10
Field of research Author Year Publication Affiliation Regional Interest